Meilleure revue de drone

DJI a créé et possède l’espace des drones pliants, mais ce n’est pas sans concurrence viable. L’Autel Robotics EVO (999 $) fait certaines choses que les drones DJI Mavic ne font pas – y compris l’enregistrement 4K à 60 images par seconde – mais omet certaines des fonctionnalités les plus avancées offertes par la compétition. Mais si vous mettez l’accent sur la capture à fréquence d’images élevée, l’EVO est une plate-forme vidéo aérienne attrayante. Je l’aime beaucoup, bien que notre drone pliant préféré soit le DJI Mavic 2 Pro le plus cher mais le plus performant.

La première chose que vous remarquez à propos de l’EVO est sa palette de couleurs: l’orange vif est beaucoup plus accrocheur que la plupart des conceptions de drones. Si vous devez atterrir dur dans les hautes herbes ou les broussailles, cela rendra l’avion plus facile à repérer, et des entretoises noires vous aideront à identifier visuellement le drone alors qu’il plane contre un ciel lumineux acheter un drone.

L’avion présente un design pliable. Avec ses bras repliés contre le corps, il mesure environ 5,5 par 5,5 par 10,0 pouces (HWD). Cela signifie que vous pouvez y trouver de l’espace dans votre sac photo existant – il prend à peu près la même quantité qu’un zoom 70-200 mm f / 2,8 typique et ajoute environ deux livres de poids à votre sac.


Benefits Of Cleaning Carpets Using Encapsulation

For many centers, retaining and restoring carpets may be a high priced, time-consuming dedication. To reduce the economic burden and boost effects, a growing variety of departments are incorporating encapsulation into their carpet care regimens — either as an period in-between technique or, in a few instances, as a replacement for deep cleanings.

According to Mickey Crowe, teacher and consultant for CleenTech Consulting group in Woodstock, Georgia, encapsulation is commonly a much faster, simpler procedure than hot water extraction, thereby increasing productivity and reducing exertions charges.

“Encapsulation chemicals encapsulate and crystallize the soils that are connected to the carpet fibers, causing them to launch from the fibers and clump collectively,” explains Crowe. “when the product dries, you vacuum up the crystals, and in the system, you vacuum up the soil.”

Lonnie McDonald, president of the Low Moisture carpet cleaning association in Grandview, Michigan, estimates production charges of two,000 sq. Toes. Or more an hour with encapsulation, compared to about six hundred sq. Ft. An hour with warm water extraction.

“to mention it has revolutionized cleansing during the last many years might be a sarcasm,” says McDonald. “There’s much less exertions concerned, so the fee in line with square foot is absolutely low. Additionally, low moisture structures are simpler to maneuver, so there’s less put on and tear on the custodian.”

Stain spotting
Encapsulation not handiest cleans carpets greater speedy and easily than warm water extraction, however specialists comment that it continues them cleaner for longer durations of time, allowing centers to lengthen the time between deep cleanings.

“in case you’re using a great [encapsulating] detergent, it will truely face up to soil, while normal carpet detergents are going to be sticky and attract soil,” says Rick Gelinas, proprietor of exceptional deliver, St. Petersburg, Florida.

For this reason, encapsulation is also used to deal with wicking issues following warm water extraction.

“when you warm-water extract, a number of times you’re procuring the sins of the preceding cleaners,” notes bill Yeadon, senior instructor at Jon-Don, Roselle, Illinois. “What meaning is whatever residue is left inside the carpet following extraction is going to wick up with the water that’s left behind. So, what some humans do after they’ve extracted is use an encapsulation product to crystallize soil debris, making it less complicated to get rid of them by way of vacuuming.”

Because encapsulation counteracts wicking issues, it also excels as an interim spot removal method.

“these days, most industrial office homes use carpet tiles, which are very dense and feature a vinyl backing that restricts airflow,” says Yeadon. “This makes it difficult to put off spots and spills the usage of hot water extraction.”

He adds that encapsulation is a exceptional choice for cleansing up after spills.

“that is specially authentic in 24-hour facilities — like call facilities, where humans are chained to their desks and are surrounded by spills — in which warm water extraction would be too noisy,” Yeadon concludes.

In situations together with this, the custodian applies the encapsulation chemical without delay to the spot or stain with a twig bottle, allowing it to surround and entice the soil. She or he then brushes the soil off the floor and gets rid of it while the carpet is next vacuumed.